Made Just Right

In the town of Jerusalem,

Where little horses play,

I learned I was born ugly,

In the worst sort of way.


A spunky beauty snorted

And laughed as she said,

“Crowds adore my beauty,

But you’re simply dirty.


A strong black colt lifted his head,

“Your muscles are nothing,” he said.

“I will pull chariots, but you’re obviously bred,

To pull a cart that looks like a shred.”


“Skinny and small,

Wretched and poor,”

My cousin the mule

Thought me a sore.


Feelin’ down and gloomy,

I went to my mommy.

“What’s wrong little donkey?”

She asked with a whinny.


I told her my troubles

With many a tear,

“There’s nothing to fear,”

Mommy said with good cheer.


“God has a great plan,

And He fit you right in.

When God sends a job,

You should jump right in.”


While waiting and waiting,

To see if it twas true,

I saw two men running,

Huffing and puffing.

“I see the donkey,”

Said one to the other.

“ I see his mommy,”

Said the other.


“What are you doing?”

My master was crying,

“Where are you taking

My donkey and mommy?”


“Jesus has need of him,”

Replied one of the men.

“We’ll be sure to return,

And take care for them.”


On me coats were laid,

And we did not delay.

For Jesus was coming

To Jerusalem that day!


He climbed aboard,

And I felt adored.

I couldn’t believe

I was holding my Lord!


“Hosanna, Hosanna!

Blessed is He, Blessed is He

Who comes in the name

Of the Lord!


Palm branches I’d love to eat,

People laid down at my feet.

Cloaks made for backs of men,

Made a royal path for Him.


Prophecy fulfilled!

Not by the filly,

Not by the colt,

Not by the mule – but me!


I could for the record,

Tell the pony who snorted,

The colt who bragged,

And the mule that brayed.

But I think I won’t, for I did what was right.

Not by my foresight, beauty or might,

But by Him – who made me just right!